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Glass Repair Services

Glass Repair


About Our Glass Repair Services



Some general guidelines regarding our glass repair services:


We are all human. Mistakes happen. Accidents are inevitable and the last time we checked, glass is not indestructible. Glass Concierge is here to try to help reverse any mishaps and accidents that may have happened to your prized glass piece.


To get this process started, please fill out the initial inquiry form on our Home page and a Concierge Specialist will get in touch with you very soon.


Soon after the initial inquiry form is filled out, a Glass Concierge Specialist will contact you to help and clarify the scope and extent of the repair requested.


At Glass Concierge, we understand each item submitted for repair is a meaningful piece of art backed by a personal story needing to be preserved. We have the utmost respect for glass art of all forms and strive our hardest to preserve the originality of each art piece we work to bring  back to life.


Our Specialist will then provide you with an estimate for the work requested. After your approval, we collect a deposit from you along with a signed liability & agreement waiver. We finally provide you with instructions on sending your piece(s) in to us for repair and you’re all set!


The total price and length of time for therepair process can vary greatly based off of the amount and complexity of repair/replacement work requested.


A more specific time estimate is provided with your pricing quote but we provide a general estimate of 3 weeks to complete most repair jobs from the time we receive the piece to the time we are sending the piece back to you. Please review our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to commonly asked questions.


You can browse through some of our past works and see examples of our repair abilities along with our glass etching and carving capabilities by visiting our Portfolio page.

Glass Concierge Illadelph Glass Hybrid Straight Repair 2
Glass Concierge Illadelph Glass Hybrid Straight Repair

Step 1

  • Fill out the initial inquiry form. This will help answer initial questions and get the ball rolling for your personal Concierge Specialist.


    Step 2

  • Your assigned Concierge Specialist will contact you. They will work with you one-on-one from start to finish of the repair process. Our Specialist will ensure the scope of your repair is fully explained and understood by both parties involved (You & Us).


    Step 3

  • You will be provided with a quote. This will include a liability waiver and agreement for the scope of work discussed with your Specialist along with an estimated cost and time of completion.


    Step 4

  • We collect your deposit for the repair. This is accepted with the signed liability waiver and estimate agreement. Generally the deposit is 50% of the total cost of the project but this can vary from project to project.


    Step 5

  • You send us your piece(s) to be repaired. We will provide you with instructions for safely sending your piece(s) in to us. Upon completion of the project, we will contact you to ensure your satisfaction, collect the remaining payment, and to reconfirm your shipping address.

Standardized Options

These are just a few examples of standard customizations we can do to your glass and the price each starts at:

Glass Joint Repair

Starts at


  • American Made Joints
  • Available in multiple sizes and orientation (10, 14, 18mm etc.)
  • Standard colored joints and custom matching joints available
  • Exclusively the only 3rd party company with access to Illadelph Glass clear joints of all sizes (Ranging from downstem to coil sized joints)

Baseplate Replacement

Starts at


  • For most straight tubes and pieces that feature a ‘foot’ plate for the base
  • Custom color matching available
  • Inquire for repair pricing of additional base styles



Neck/Lip Reattachment

Starts At


  • A service to reattach a broken lip or neck back on to the original piece’s main body
  • We are also able to create a new standard clear or custom matching neck or base if reattachment of the original neck or base is not possible